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Our Central Alberta retail store located in Red Deer first opened it doors in March of 2019.  It is the vision of Bridget and Lyn Brown to create a Homestead Supply store where the staff are very passionate about helping customers support a healthy lifestyle.  By creating a team of energetic staff members who come from various backgrounds including Equine, Poultry, Cattle, Pets and small animals, we want our customers to feel confident about answers we provide to the most obscure animal husbandry questions.  Our store offerings will include most major brands and our goal is to try to keep items in stock so you the customers can find whatever it is you need. 

          Our homesteading section will include supplies for soap making, cheese making, essential oils, Kombucha making, gardening and canning. With a wide knowledge and a strong willingness to help, we promise to tap into all of our networks created over the past years to find the items our homesteaders are looking for.  We want and expect our customers to ask us to find items and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

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To create a retail and online presence where common supplies for the Homestead way of Life are readily available.


Provide a friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere where we focus on customer service and finding quality products.  To help people support a healthy lifestyle and a return to growing, raising, and making their own quality products.

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