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Quality Feed and Supplies for Livestock
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About Us

A Family Owned Business With Alberta Roots
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Hashbrown's Homestead Supplies

Hashbrowns Homestead Supplies in Red Deer Alberta offers major brands on animal feed and supplies.  Our goal is to try to keep items in stock so you the customers can find whatever it is you need. Our vision is to create a retail and online presence where common supplies for the Homestead way of Life are readily available.


Retail Store

1880 49 Ave Red Deer, Alberta T4R 2N7
We stock Homesteading products right in our store in Red Deer Alberta.


Online Store

Getting your orders to you in a timely fashion is our #1 priority.

Homestead Products You Can Trust

Our homesteading section will include supplies for soap making, cheese making, essential oils, Kombucha making, gardening and canning. With a wide knowledge and a strong willingness to help, we promise to tap into all of our networks created over the past years to find the items our homesteaders are looking for.


High Quality

Locally Made

Our Success

Our priority is providing exceptional goods in a suitable manner and time frame to meet our customer's needs.

We maintain a strong commitment to evolving so that everyone can benefit from our success.

About Our Products

Our goal is to provide a friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere where we focus on customer service and finding quality products.  To help people support a healthy lifestyle and a return to growing, raising, and making their own quality products.

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